• Christian Values

    Christian Life Counseling, LLC is a Bible believing, Christian organization that integrates Christ’s wisdom as part of your counseling experience.
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    Christian Life Counseling, LLC providers are licensed, Christian professionals offering years of experience. We have both Ph.D. and Master’s level therapists.
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    We provide mental health services to families, couples, and individuals experiencing difficulties with mental and emotional disorders and relationship concerns.
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Welcome to Christian Life Counseling LLC.

Christian Life Counseling, LLC is a mental health facility with quiet, comfortable offices located in Brookfield and Germantown. Our Masters and PhD level therapists integrate Christ’s wisdom and truth with their professional skills to address our client’s needs.

Our facility provides a full range of mental health services to families, couples, children, and adults facing relationship issues, emotional concerns, educational struggles, and other mental health needs. We provide a warm, caring atmosphere that is handicapped accessible and focuses on each individual’s right to privacy.


Christian Life Counseling is pleased to offer a new group counseling program called Restored. Restored is a group counseling program tailored to help those in need of healing from sexual addictions. With this Restoration Program, it is our goal to help individuals and couples work through the pain inflicted through sexual addictions towards the ultimate goal of individual and relational healing. For more information please call our office at (262) 785-1008 and talk with Sarah Fesser or Camron Hinckle.

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