About Christian Life Counseling


Who we are...

Christian Life Counseling, LLC is a mental health facility with quiet, comfortable offices located in Brookfield and Germantown. Our Masters and PhD level therapists integrate Christ’s wisdom and truth with their professional skills to address our client’s needs.


Our facility provides a full range of mental health services to families, couples, children, and adults facing relationship issues, emotional concerns, educational struggles, and other mental health needs. We provide a warm, caring atmosphere that is handicapped accessible and focuses on each individual’s right to privacy.

  All of our state licensed and professionally trained counselors are committed Christians who integrate Biblical values in the treatment process. Based on each client’s comfort level, our therapists will incorporate each individual’s spiritual journey during care.


Christian Life Counseling is committed to providing a private, safe, and comfortable environment. Our office is equipped with a comfortable general waiting area, is wheelchair accessible, and offers, at request, a private entrance and exit for enhanced confidentiality and comfort. We have water, regular and decaffeinated coffee, and tea available to our clients. If you have any other questions or needs, please feel free to ask your therapist or our office staff.

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