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Christian Parenting

Media Driven

Media and Children

Rapid developments in technology have made parenting more challenging as children have access to multiple forms of media including movies, television news, video games, and the internet. This presentation will inform parents about key issues to safely guide their children through this age of multiple media influences.

Strong willed child

Parenting the Strong Willed Child

Some children seem to require more effort than others, and most parents are "learning as we go." This presentation will provide strategies for maintaining your sanity and effective parenting of a strong-willed child.

Teaching Responsibility

Teaching Responsibility

It is a parent's desire to follow God's command to train a child in the way of the Lord. That necessary first step is what we need when grooming strong, Christian, self-assured children. Open discussion about growing independent, responsible children--who have a dependence on Christ--will be a primary focus. Useful ideas will be offered about gradually increasing your child's responsibilities during each life stage.

Growing Up in a Hurried World

Growing Up in a Hurried World

It seems as though life is flying by at a moment's notice. We have more and more responsibilities, opportunities and stressors. This presentation offers practical insights about acknowledging our true responsibilities, setting boundaries, establishing routines and caring for ourselves and our families in a Christ centered way.


Children and School

angry child

Teaching the Angry Child

This presentation will be an excellent resource for the teaching staff who desires to better equip themselves for teaching, interacting and demonstrating the love of Christ to the student who struggles with anger. Potential anger causations will be identified, techniques to assist in decreasing stress in the classroom, along with useful ideas for distressing parent/teacher consultations.



This presentation will offer a straightforward discussion of attention deficit disorders. Issues addressed will include subtypes of attention disorders, other concerns that cause problems with attention, what to look for in the assessment process, and recommendations to help parents and teachers.

learning disabilities

Learning Disorders

Many times what looks like school avoidance, carelessness, laziness, or oppositional behavior may actually be a response to a learning disability. This presentation will address the importance of identifying learning disorders in a child, subtypes of learning disorders, and what to look for in the assessment process.


Should I Home School

Home schooling has gained popularity in the last two decades for a variety of reasons. This presentation provides an overview of home schooling, with important information all parents should consider when deciding if this educational option is for them.


Life Issues

healthy boundaries

Peace Through Healthy Boundaries

Many Christians struggle with tremendous confusion about when it is biblically correct to set limits. This presentation is perfect for church groups, women's Bible studies and retreats. This session will present a biblical overview of boundaries, what they are, what they protect, how they are developed and how to use them.

Yes and No

It’s OK to say “No”-Christians and Boundaries

Question common myths about boundaries, find out reason to set boundaries, increase awareness of reasons why people do not set/maintain boundaries, learn how to set healthy, God-pleasing boundaries, analyze your own relationship boundaries.

devotion time

Building in Time for God

We are challenged many times each day in our Christian walk by stress, difficult relationships, and our own human nature. This presentation discusses the benefits and various ways to connect with God daily and "renew your mind" throughout the day.

Self Esteem

God Pleasing Self-esteem

Discover barriers to self-esteem, learn what self-esteem is/isn’t, identify ways to build self-esteem, and consider what self-esteem looks in the lives of Christians.


Managing Anxiety-When Christians Battle Worry Too

Discover the differences between anxiety and fear, learn about types of anxiety, increase your awareness of your level of anxiety, determine reasons why some people are able to better cope with anxiety, and build strategies for reducing anxiety/self-nurturing.

Christian Forgiveness

Christian Forgiveness of Self and Others

Discuss reasons for forgiveness, discover what forgiveness is/isn’t, recognize signs that you have not forgiven self or others, and learn steps to forgiveness.

Grief Through Grace

Managing Grief Through God’s Grace

Increase your understanding of grieving and effects of loss. Learn how to express your needs to enable others to better support you. Prepare for "triggers" or especially difficult situations. Consider God’s words of comfort about death. Share treasured memories and feelings about lost loved ones. Ask about building strategies for coping with grief during the holidays!

Pleasing Anger

God Pleasing Approaches to Reducing Conflict, Managing Anger

Are You Unsure About How Anger Fits Into Your Relationship With God? Are You Concerned About Conflict With Others? Learn to identify warning signs of conflict. Find strategies to reduce conflict. Learn to recognize and express anger in healthy ways. Examine how your experiences with anger and conflict compare to God’s commands for us.

Two Rings

Premarital Preparation, Marriage Enrichment

Explore such topics as beliefs about and reward of marriage, consider spousal roles/expectations, relationship goals, understand relationship stages and changes, prepare for relationship stressors and communication challenges, learn about conflict styles and tips for fighting fairly, plan for long term success and marital satisfaction.

Marriage Enrichment

When you gazed into the eyes of your spouse on your wedding day, and said "I do," you envisioned a marriage that would be satisfying and fulfilling. You probably did not dream that your marriage could get to the point of being less-than-ideal. But yet now you find that the daily pressures continue. It may seem like you are busy all the time, but don't seem to be getting anywhere. Perhaps the passion and romance is less, and you just don't seem to connect with your spouse like you previously did. Do you wonder at times why you signed up for this, or more simply, how to get things back on track? Christian Life Counseling offers a variety of seminars to help enrich a relationship for those who have been married for years, as well as for couples who are just starting out.


The spread of pornography use over the internet has presented new challenges for many men. This often becomes a secret struggle with significant emotional, spiritual, and relational consequences. Regardless of age or occupations, some men find themselves trapped in a habitual pattern of use that tends to increase over time. This presentation will examine some of the causes, consequences, and ways to break free from pornography.


Other Presentation Topics:

In addition to the topics listed, we offer presentations dealing with other significant life issues.

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2) I Think My Teenager Might be Depressed

3) Help! My Child is Stressed

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