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Becky Breitrick MA, LPCrhard 

There are so many things which can throw our lives out of balance:  stress, fear and worry, sadness, trauma and life changes. At any age or stage, an out of balance life can mean less joy, less hope and more difficulty. A therapist can walk alongside you as you work to restore balance. Sometimes balance comes through adopting new habits or new ways of thinking. Sometimes balance is restored when you are given the opportunity to tell your story without fear of judgment. Sometimes, what is needed most is a reminder of the faithfulness and unconditional love of God.

Becky is committed to helping you restore balance in your life. Becky works with school aged children, teens and adults and has experience treating anxiety, depression, adjustment difficulties and trauma. Becky uses a variety of strategies including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and some dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Becky has formal training in trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, an evidence based treatment for children and teens who have experienced traumatic events. Becky has also completed a training program for adoption competent therapy.

We are here to help.

(262) 785-1008

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